Berlin is quality of life

Live where other people go on vacation. In Berlin, you are not an onlooker – you’re right in the thick of things. Fair rental prices, cheaper living costs than in other major German cities, not to mention the leisure, cultural and educational opportunities, provide the approximately 3.5 million residents with room for personal development. In short: Berlin is full of possibilities just waiting to be seized. The capital city is a genuine paradise: green spaces, lakes, city parks, spacious streets, short distances, a well-developed transport network, not to mention cheap and quick connections to the surrounding areas and the sea, make this city a place with impressive scope.


2,500 public parks and recreation areas extend over 890 square kilometers in the city. 6.7 percent of the city’s area is water, 18 percent forest and 11.9 percent recreational areas. Rivers and lakes invite you to swim and cover the drinking water needs of the capital city – the only German city to do so with its own groundwater. Whether you want to explore nature or have a cultural or educational experience – Berlin is affordable for practically everyone. Berlin is progressive, social, cozy, exciting and affordable.